Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are there documents that I need to fill out or sign?

Yes, there will be two documents that will need to be filled out and signed for us to sell your home. The first one is the Listing Agreement. This agreement allows the us to list your home on the MLS and market the home.  The second document will be the Seller’s Disclosure Notice.

How will I sign documents?

For your convenience, we use an internet-based electronic signing system that allows you to sign documents from your computer or mobile phone.  It is very quick and easy to use.

Why is your commission so much less than a typical agent's?

Similar to Amazon, we leverage technology and volume to bring you premium services at a great price.

Don’t Let the Cost Savings Fool You

You get everything you would expect from a full-priced real estate agent but with the added benefit of working with a dedicated seller-focused agent team.  We do NOT work with buyers.  We ONLY list and sell homes, like yours.  At Mac Realty Teanm, we are dedicated to you, the seller! 

How do potential buyers make an appointment to tour my home?

We use a professional home tour scheduling company named ShowingTime.  They will coordinate all showings on our behalf.  This is a powerful scheduling service that will be customized to meet the needs of you, the seller.

What's the difference between a "Listing Agent" and a "Buyer’s Agent"?

We only work as a Listing Agent (sometimes called a Seller’s Agent).  We represent and serve you, the seller. We never represent a buyer unless we are helping a seller sell their home and buy a new home.

What are the disadvantages of overpricing my home?

The number one factor in selling a home is the initial asking price. So it is important to keep in mind that overpricing a home creates disappointment. Pricing a home slightly below market value creates excitement and bidding wars.

Who is responsible for correcting defects identified by the home inspector?

The first thing to understand is that no home is perfect and it is the job of the home inspector to find something wrong with the house, and they usually do.  If the unknown defect will affect the use and enjoyment of the home the seller will typically be expected to make the repair or give a credit at closing for the cost of the repair.  The remaining repairs are subject to negotiations between the seller and buyer.  This is where our experience becomes invaluable.  Over the last 15 years, we have successfully negotiated major to minor repairs on behalf of sellers.

How do I respond to lowball offers?

In our experience, it does not matter at what price the negotiations start, it matters where they end.  We recommend you respond the same way to all offers.  Give them a reasonable counteroffer and wait for a reply. Many, many times we have seen an offer come in $25,000 below asking, and after negotiating the final sales price was just $2,000 below the asking price.

Does the seller have to provide a survey?

If you have an existing survey it is in the best interest of the seller to provide it to the buyer.  But if the seller does not have a survey, we can sell the home without a survey and require the buyer to obtain one at their expense, if needed.

What is an escrow officer?

An escrow officer is a person or company licensed by the state of Texas to facilitate real estate closings and issue title insurance policies.  Escrow officers are an integral part of the sales process in Texas and ensure a smooth closing.  We will guide the seller in selecting a seasoned escrow agent that will provide excellent service at wholesale prices.

What are seller concessions?

Seller concessions or seller contributions are the amounts paid by the seller for any item that is typically paid by the buyer.  It is generally used by first-time home buyers or people veterans using a VA loan to limit the amount of cash that is required to buy the home. This can be an important item to buyers and is negotiated as part of the contract terms.

How long does the typical loan process take?

Depends on the loan programs, but the average is 30 days for most financing.

How will you communicate with us?

We typically communicate via email but when a prompt response is required or detailed information needs to be shared we will call you on the phone. Just let us know if you have specific communication preferences and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

How do I sell my home fast for the most amount of money?

Two main factors affect the time it takes to sell a home and how you get the most amount of money.

The first and most important factor is price.  If the house is priced right it will sell quickly. If it is overpriced, it will sell slowly or not at all.

The second most important factor is property condition.  The cleaner and the better the condition the faster it will sell and the more the home will sell for.

How much money will I save if I use Mac Realty Team vs the competition?

The average home seller will save approximately $7,000 by using Mac Realty Team versus using a full 6% commission competitor.  This assumes an average sales price of $350,000 with Mac Realty Team’s low commission rate of 1.5% with 2.5% being paid to the buyer’s agent for a total commission of only 4%.

That being explained, the most important reason to have Mac Realty Team sell your home is our exceptional service and outstanding marketing. Think of the very low commission as an added bonus!

Should I get my house professionally staged?

Professional staging is an expensive but worthwhile investment if the home is vacant and is in the mid to higher price range. A home that is owner-occupied would be better served by decluttering and spending the money on painting, landscape improvements, and having the home professionally deep cleaned.

What is a come-to-you closing?

A come-to-you closing is a service offered by select title companies that cater to the needs of the seller.  Instead of you traveling to the title company’s office they will have a title company representative “come to you” at the agreed time and place to conduct the closing. It could be at your home, office, or favorite coffee shop.

What is a comparative market analysis (CMA) and do I need one?

A comparative market analysis is an invaluable resource that every seller needs.  It is the accumulation of data about comparable homes in your neighborhood that have recently been sold, are currently under contract, are currently for sale, or that have been canceled. This data is then analyzed and used to evaluate the value of your property and to set an accurate sales price for your home.

Are professional photos important?

Today, home buyers begin their search on the internet and they love looking at pictures.  The pictures you post will have a direct impact on how your home is perceived and how quickly it sells.  So yes, professional photos are very important.

What is the difference between full versus limited representation listing?

A full-service real estate agent does everything from getting a home listed on the MLS, to marketing the property, scheduling showings, handling negotiations, and providing professional advice. A full-service agent, like Mac Realty Team, will help and guide you from start to finish.

A limited representation listing will not assist in establishing a proper sales price, scheduling showings, accepting or reviewing offers, developing and presenting counter-offers, advising the home seller on any matter, be there to assist or answer seller questions. They simply list the home on the MLS and may offer some additional services, like lockbox rentals, for an additional fee.

What is an automated appointment service?

An automated appointment service is a professional appointment setting and management company that coordinates showings between agents and the owner.  They have sophisticated computer systems that allow appointment scheduling 24 hours a day and can be customized to meet the needs of the seller.  For example, if you do not want any home tours scheduled on Sundays the system can be set up to prevent Sunday showings.

What does no intermediary or no sub-agent representation mean?

This simply means that the broker and real estate agent you hired to represent you will only represent you and your interest – never a buyer.  This prevents perceived and sometimes a real conflict of interest as the loyalty of the agent remains only with you.  At Mac Realty Team, we only represent sellers and never the buyer.  That way you know there will never be a conflict of interest.

Does a Mac Realty Team agent attend the closing?

We are here to help and guide the seller from beginning to the end, so we always attend the closing unless the property owner residing outside the DFW region.

What is a virtual video tour?

A virtual video tour is a sequence of photos that are ‘stitched’ together to create a ‘virtual’ experience for the person viewing your home. This allows the potential buyer to get a better feel of the home and the layout.  At Team Mac Realty all of our homes are marketed with a virtual tour.

What does coordinate change of possession mean?

The seller of a home is typically under a lot of stress and a good real estate agent’s job is to help relieve some of that stress.  One way that we do that is by handling the transfer of the keys, garage door opener remote, and access devices to the buyer of your home.  It is just one more way that the Mac Realty Team serves its clients.

What contracts and forms do you use?

At the Mac Realty Team, we use the professional forms designed by the State of Texas (Texas Real Estate Commission) or the Texas Association of Realtors that are easy to read and consumer friendly.  These are the same forms used by licensed agents throughout Texas.

What is the difference between an electronic and a combination key lock box?

The big difference is safety, control, and access to information.  A combination lock box does not record who or when someone entered your home, nor does it restrict access after late at night.  An electronic key box can only be accessed by someone who has a licensed access key (limited to licensed agents) and it records who accessed the home and when.  In addition, the electronic lock boxes used by the Mac Realty Team have a security setting that will not allow access to anyone between the hours of 9:00 pm and 8:00 am.

At Mac Realty Team, we typically only use electronic lock boxes with a few exceptions based upon client instructions, the home being vacant, or in an area where the majority of agents do not utilize electronic lockboxes (very rural area).

What websites will my home be displayed on?

When you list your home with Team Mac Realty, buyers will be able to view your home on all of the top real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, ListHub, HomeFinder, Neighborhood Scout, and 100’s more.

When is the sales commission paid?

Mac Realty Team only gets paid when we have successfully marketed and sold your home.  Our commission is paid at closing when the transaction is completed.

What is the buyer agent commission (BAC) and how much is it?

With all transactions, there is a buyer and a seller.  The listing/seller’s agent (Mac Realty Team) represents the seller.  The buyer’s agent represents the buyer of your home and the amount of commission to be paid to the buyer’s agent is set by the seller.  This commission paid to the buyer’s agent is typically paid 2% to 3% at closing. To ensure the buyer’s agent is willing and has an incentive to show your home to their buyers, we recommend you offer a 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent.

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