About Us

History of Mac Realty Team

Mac Realty Team was founded by Mark MacFarlane who followed his mother and father into the real estate industry.  His father was a real estate developer while his mother was a real estate agent for over 30 years. His parents gave him a keen understanding of professional marketing, attention to detail, and how to sell a home quickly for the highest price. He quickly learned that paying a full 6% commission did not guarantee a quick sale, a high sales price, or great service.  The agent’s experience and their marketing program are what truly made the difference.

As Mark started his real estate career he incorporated the work ethic and commitment to excellence he learned from his parents into everything he did. This included looking at how services could be improved by leveraging systems and technology while simultaneously reducing the fees paid by the sellers. This led to the establishment of the Mac Realty Team and our 7 Steps Process for a Successful Sale.

The 7 Steps Process for a Successful Sale incorporates everything necessary to sell a home quickly and for the highest possible price. We provide exceptional service to the client for an industry low 4% commission. Mark has one simple question: Why would you pay a 6% commission when you can get the absolute best service from Mac Realty Team for much less?

At Mac Realty Team, it is our mission to use our experience, marketing skills, and knowledge to sell your home quickly, for a great price, at a low commission.  We look forward to helping you sell your home!

Our Proven 7-Steps for a Successful Sale


We ensure a successful sale with an honest home evaluation, prepping, and strategic staging advice


Our 35 years of market experience ensures the seller has the expert advice to set an accurate sales price


We use professional photographers and refined marketing material that will sell your home



We create a compelling MLS listing that enhances our marketing and sales effort


Our professional unbiased advice, offer review, and professional negotiation skills seal the deal


Proactive inspection review, repair negotiation, and closing processing enable a swift close


Our US based customer service and in-person representation ensure a stress-free closing

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